Holidays Act calculations remain the bane (it rhymes with pain) of employers’ lives. Ordinary weekly pay and gross earnings remain as predictable as Auckland weather.  In a test case The Employment Court recently (July 2019 – Tourism Holdings Limited v A Labour Inspector [2019] NZEmpC 87) considered whether commissions paid to bus drivers employed by Tourism Holdings Ltd (THL) were a regular part of an employee’s pay and should therefore be included in their holiday pay calculations. Read more here

90-day trials

Until now, it has been generally assumed that a 90-day trial clause must state a date when the trial starts.  A recent decision of the Employment Court gives more clarity.   Read more here

Employment law update

Employment Court decision puts the cat among the pigeons on overtime.  Employees can refuse to work overtime if there’s no availability provision in their employment contracts. How will this affect productivity?

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Employment Law update

Advicewise reports on a last chance to comment while Government consults on migrant workers, and how to prepare for law changes that take effect on 1 April 2019:

  • IRD Payday Filing
  • Kiwisaver changes
  • a guide to the new domestic violence leave

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Employment Law update

Start 2019 by staying informed. The latest employment law update from Advicewise below talks about:
* Big ACC support for SMEs
* Minimum Wage for next three years
* Constructive dismissal blues