Awards – 2020


  1. Showroom Award
  2. Designing with Glass – Residential
  3. Designing with Glass – Commercial
  4. Design Awards – Residential – under $50k
  5. Design Awards – Residential – $51k to $150k
  6. Design Awards – Residential – over $151k
  7. Design Awards – Commercial under $100k
  8. Design Awards – Commercial over $101k
  9. Sustainability
  10. Innovation
  11. Supreme Winner



  • Entries open Monday 2 March 2020
  • Entries close Friday 8 May 2020
  • Judges meet Thursday 28th May; finalists/winners confirmed
  • Friday 29th May – Finalists announced
  • Awards presented Friday 19th June


More information about the entry and judging criteria can be found here

Awards – 2019

Most Promising Apprentice – Glass & Glazing

Jacob Clayton, Metro Dunedin


Most Promising Apprentice – Architectural Aluminium Joinery

Singleton Matehaere, Bradnams Rotorua


Apprentice of the year Glass & Glazing and winner of the Allan Sage Memorial Award

Darcee McInnes, Viridian Nelson


Apprentice of the year – Architectural Aluminium Joinery

Anthony Harris, Design Windows West Coast

Supreme Winner – Viridian – Lindis House

Citation: The Lindis House – a luxury five-bedroom lodge – is an outstanding piece of architecture set in magnificent surroundings. The architects have established a relationship between the building and its context by engaging with its form and placement in a profound and sympathetic but never hesitant manner. By doing this they have created a distinctive, memorable and finely crafted environment.

The contribution made to the project by the glazing is to open the building to the landscape and, by finishing the main glazed wall close to the sweeping roofline, to link the interior to the outside and to emphasise the fluid form of the building. This is a piece of architecture which not only effortlessly compliments its setting but, by the nature of the connections it makes, actually enhances it.


Designing with Glass – Commercial – Metro Performance Glass – Farmers Corner Restroom Pavilion

Citation: This is a brave and exceptionally stylish piece of sculpture in the landscape. The designers have taken what is often seen as an unpromising brief – a public toilet – and from it have produced an arresting piece of architecture that has the aspect of a piece of public art. It is hard to imagine how this project could have been more elegantly executed.

Metro Performance Glass

Design Awards – Residential – $26k to $75k – Vistalite Otago – Williams Residence

Citation: This design sketches the outlines of a house in a dramatic rural setting. It then fills in the sketch with a close attention to detail, colour and material selection, all of which are carefully considered and tightly controlled. Although described as a bach this design is in fact a very sophisticated interpretation of the house in the landscape. The glazing employed contributes significantly to the overall effect of the building with extensive areas of window, minimal framing and triple glazing to ensure satisfactory thermal performance.

Vistalite Otago

Design Awards – Residential – $76k to $175k – GA Aluminium – Glandovey House

Citation:  The Glandovey House is a hyper-dynamic expression of a way of building houses which is found more commonly in film settings or celebrity lifestyles than in suburban New Zealand. Lengthy open spans in the exterior walls are closed by sweeping banks of sliding doors and some dramatically propped cantilevers create a property with seamless connections to its garden and a very considerable sense of the dramatic.

GA Aluminium

Design Awards – Residential – over $176k – Viridian – Chalet New Zermatt, Queenstown

Citation: The complex form of the Chalet New Zermatt integrates three different materials – stone, glass and timber – into a rich and dynamic whole. The use of extensive glazing in the interiors makes fully visible the warmth and colour of the timber structure and finishes while large areas of direct glazing to the exterior link the building with its resort setting.


Eco Award – Highly Commended – Fisher Canterbury – Eco House

Eco Award – Highly Commended – Rylock Windows & Doors – Daisy Apartments

Design Awards – Commercial under $100k – Metro Performance Glass – The Craft Embassy

Citation: This is a straightforward and direct approach to providing a bar and relaxation/entertainment space between existing buildings and the river. Simple forms and extensive glazing create what feels like a stylish glasshouse while full expression of the steel structure provides a level of intricate detailing and visual interest.

Metro Performance Glass

Design Awards – Commercial over $101k – Design Windows AucklandCatalina Bay 1B,

Citation: This bold conversion of an old flying boat hangar into a social complex uses a simple device – the oversized ‘fire station door’ – to provide a dramatic removable wall from a triple height space on to the forecourt. Strong thinking leads to a strong outcome which in the case of this project illustrates the benefits of the innovative conversion of old buildings to new uses.

Design Windows Auckland

Innovation Award – The Glass Room – 12 Julius Terrace

Citation: This project illustrates an important, cleverly conceived and painstakingly resolved technology for restoring heritage leadlight windows with double-glazed units which meet current high-performance thermal performance standards. The project represents a valuable addition to the range of restoration technologies available in this country as well as an example of smart thinking and contemporary craft skills deployed in an impressive manner.

The Glass Room

Showroom Award – Hagley Windows and Doors

Citation: This showroom creates a series of stylish, extensive and comfortable spaces in which to display a range of window and door elements and technologies. It successfully minimises the sense of being a commercial environment and appears as a very easy and welcoming place for the public to visit to discover and discuss their options when buying glazing systems.

Hagley Windows and Doors

2018 Winners

Apprentice Awards

Allan Sage Memorial Award (for outstanding performance by an industry member who has recently completed their qualification):

Asher Takao, Gisborne Glass


Architectural Aluminium Joinery Apprentice of The Year:

Shevonne Evans, Gateway Glass & Aluminium Ltd, Waikato


Most Promising Glass Apprentice:

Ethan Taylor, Viridian Glass Nelson


Supreme Winner

Bradnam’s Commercial  AND  Metro Performance Glass for The Ministry of Primary Industries building

+ BEST USE OF GLASS WINNER – Metro Performance Glass

+ COMMERCIAL:  OVER $100,000 – Bradnam’s

The supreme award is given for an outstanding project that excels in a number of areas. The Ministry of Primary Industries building has been entered for an award in different categories by two members of the teams that delivered it: Bradnam’s Commercial and Metro Performance Glass. This is unusual and it hints at the range of skills that had to be brought to bear on the project to bring it to completion – and of course these two parties were not the only players involved in delivering this aspect of the project. The result, a complex synthesis of design, fabrication and installation, is a building with an outstanding presence on its site and one that delivers a rich and varied range of visual experiences. The New Zealand building industry as well as the Glazing Association would welcome more projects of this standard.

Glass Innovation winner – Glassforce for The Glasshouse

Massively oversized glass louvres create a delightful space for al fresco dining. This is a clever and brave adaption of an otherwise common device.

Designing with Glass winner – Glassforce for Te Manawa Atawhai Catherine McAuley Centre

This is an impressive project where a small number of complex moves have been made with assurance and skill. The curved walls and doors of the sanctuary create a memorable space and the glazed panel containing the crucifix is hardly less memorable

RESIDENTIAL TO $25,000 – winner – Altherm Taranaki for Hancox Cottage

The design of the windows and doors is a major factor in achieving the desired effect in this faithful reproduction of a late-Victorian farmhouse. Proportions and details are true both to historic precedent and to the design intent and it would not have been possible for the project to have been successful without the care devoted to them.

RESIDENTIAL $25,000 – $75,000 – winner –  Rylock Waikato for Design Builders Waikato Show Home

Interior and exterior glazing come together seamlessly in this project contributing significantly to a striking design. Large glazed elements generate an impressive sense of openness and the motorised louvred roof over the portico is a dramatic and wholly successful element in the experience of the house.

RESIDENTIAL $75,000 – $175,000 –  winner – Ellison’s Aluminium for Arrow House

A dramatic, exposed roofline in this house is supported on heavily glazed walls which reveal outstanding views. It is the resultant generosity and openness which this provides to the main public spaces which gives the house its character and delight.

RESIDENTIAL:  OVER $175,000 – winner – Vistalite Otago for Di Bella Cascata

This is a hugely dramatic house with extensive glazing, colour matched to the exterior cladding. Strong, rectilinear forms sit poised above magnificent views to which the transparency of the house gives full effect.

COMMERCIAL:  $0 TO $100,000 – winner – Omega Aluminium Kapiti for Ramaroa Heritage Centre at Queen Elizabeth Park

Raking walls and dramatic rooflines are here complimented by finely detailed glazing units that permit the spatial forms of the building to be fully appreciated.


The Window Innovation showroom attracts attention from the street by a colourful exterior. Inside there is space for a wide range of displays enabling clients to see the product range, and the opportunities it presents, clearly. This looks like an exciting place in which to make choices about door and window systems.


A smart App for your Smart phone. This device, which can be downloaded for free, enables you to measure the thickness of glass and, if necessary, the gap between double glazed units. Like all good ideas it’s simple and effective.

2017 Winners

WANZ Design Flair 2017

Supreme Winner Design Windows Nelson for the Suter Art Gallery


This was a project of considerable architectural and cultural significance and the additions to the Suter therefore required a sensitive and very careful approach to all aspects of the design, fabrication and installation. The window suppliers were tasked by the architects with the provision of glazing of very different types and the work which resulted from this brief is of the highest standard, fully worthy of the building complex in which it is situated. Like some other entries in this year’s awards the project has the additional merits of being not only community based but also of integrating significant heritage elements with uncompromisingly new work. Congratulations to Design Windows Nelson—also winners of the Commercial 100K + Design Flair category

Design Flair Awards

Commercial under 100K Winner Design Windows West Coast for Brophy Knight


This is a calm, elegant and uncompromisingly modern intervention into the existing mixed streetscape of a small provincial town. The glazing grid, which forms a significant component of the main façade, reinforces the somewhat painterly composition of the elevation in a way that links the stair and light fittings inside the building to the street. This gives the building a controlled and understated appearance which is nevertheless inviting.

GANZ Best Use of Glass Winner

Sauvarins First Class Services for Chambers and Station Project

Glass and Window
Glass and Window
Glass and Window


A faultlessly executed project of great style and confidence which remains entirely true to the character of the heritage buildings being restored. This is an exemplar project which immaculately restores and extends the life of very dignified civic buildings of the early 20th century. Both the interiors and the exteriors are calm and poised and the glazing – which in style and appearance is faithful to the original intentions but now performs to 21st century standards – makes a significant and valuable contribution to the outcome.

GANZ Designing with Glass Winner

Metro Performance Glass Christchurch for the Awly Building

Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows


A significant part of the post-earthquake rebuild, this project depends almost entirely on its façade design to contribute to the dramatic effect it has on the street. Designed to meet stringent acoustic and shading criteria this work is characterised by a strong expression of texture and colour that make it immediately noticeable. Clearly one of the more successful projects in the restoration of the city the Awly Building makes a great contribution to the new Christchurch.

GANZ Class Innovation Winner

Metro Performance Glass Wellington – Hutt City Council Admin Building

Glass and Window
Glass and Window
Glass and Window


This project is an excellent piece of upgrading combined with heritage restoration work. In the course of the work a previous façade is revealed and at the same time transformed by being wrapped in a bold new patterned curtain wall. It is a delight to see glass used in such a clever juggling act that simultaneously respects the past while acknowledging the present.

Window Manufacture’s Showroom

Large Winner – Kennedy Aluminium

Glass and Window
Glass and Window


A bold complex with everything a prospective client might want at hand, this showroom presents the industry as a whole very well. Modern, bright and comprehensive it is a credit to its owners.

Window Manufacture’s Showroom

Small Winner – C E Aluminium

Glass and Window
Glass and Window
Glass and Window


Small but perfectly formed, this is a pocket showroom that looks as if it would be a pleasure to use. It’s pretty well as good as it gets at this scale.

WANZ Eco Award Winner

Metro Performance Glass Auckland for the Euroclass Head Office

Glass and Window
Glass and Window
Glass and Window


Confronting some serious challenges in both acoustic and thermal design this building rises to the challenge with a complex and effective suite of design solutions. The high performance façade has been proven in-use to meet the requirements of the demanding specification. The building demonstrates something especially important for this particular client, how well good glazing design can overcome unusually difficult site conditions.

Design Flair Awards Residential Joinery under $25K Winner

Shearmac Aluminium for the Red Cottage

Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows


This was a charming project – small but exactly appropriate in all its qualities. The window design is perfectly adapted to the character of the building and provides a model for alteration and addition work of a building from an earlier period. The building as a whole, to which the window design makes a real contribution, could provide a model for small and affordable housing in New Zealand, a social problem of great importance.

Design Flair Awards Residential Joinery under $25-75K Winner

Tasman Aluminium for the Jack House

Glass and Window
Glass and Window
Glass and Window


This Award was given not for the size of the project – it is relatively modest – nor for its complexity but because of the way in which the glazing animates the spaces within and outside the building and forms a harmonious whole with all other aspects of the design. The elegance of the frames makes the glazing system almost imperceptible and by its very invisibility contributes more to the house than it could have done by being more obvious. This is a case where less is certainly more.

Design Flair Awards Residential Joinery under $75-175K Winner

Design Windows Central for Domain Road House

Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows


This house has a sharp, modern feel while using recognisably traditional forms. The overall effect therefore avoids unnecessary striving but retains a calm and controlled level of understanding of what is necessary – no more and no less. The glazing in the house is perfectly well-adapted to this understanding and is faultlessly attuned to the overall concept.

Design Flair Awards Residential Joinery under $175K Winner

Whangarei Aluminium for Taiharuru Beach House

Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows
Glass and Windows


This house represents a very high level of architectural design quality and the glazing systems rise to meet the standard. The apparently effortless bringing together of diverse and complex elements conceals a great deal of care and attention to detail which is a necessary part of the success of the project.

Design Flair Awards Judge’s Special Award

Illuminated Glass Winner Metro Performance Glass Palmerston North – Boardway Radiology Specialist Centre

Glass and Window
Glass and Window
Glass and Window


This apparently straightforward addition to the top levels of the building provides the client with an opportunity to dramatically vary its appearance by multi-coloured illumination. The patterned glazing, attractive enough in normal daylight, becomes a transformative feature at night. The designers have leveraged this aspect of the glazing to great effect.

Design Flair Awards Component Innovation Winner

Hardie Fasteners for Windows Handle Repair Screw

Glass and Window
Glass and Window